Melt Goes to that Big Waffle Iron in the Sky

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – It was a slow meltdown for the eclectic Cherokee restaurant, Melt, who recently closed their doors for service. The popular breakfast diner and bar, that bragged of high tin ceilings, diverse cocktails and some of the finest waffles in town, has made it official. The restaurant started out in the Cardondelet neighborhood, and moved to Cherokee a year later. It was hard to find a hipper place than this one…with its arcade games, musical performances on stage, bicycle chandeliers and vintage love-seats.

Owner, Kelly Simms, said they had hoped for a longer run, but the space turned out to be too challenging. The layout of the tiny kitchen did not have the ability to expand in order to keep up with heavy destination traffic on weekends. The news of the restaurant ending its three-year run came as a surprise to everyone.

The restaurant’s signature dish, the Wake n’ Bake, was to die for. The scrumptious waffle was topped with bits of bacon mixed into the batter and topped with cheesy eggs, while the Violet Beauregard was a blueberry-lover’s fantasy. It was a perfect spot to chill for a quick bite or for long catch-up time with great friends.

Simms is obligated to pay the remainder of rent until October, and has been working on an arrangement with Sister Cities Cajun and BBQ, who are periodically occupying the space as a pop-up restaurant while they wait for their new location to open. So, you can still find great food in the area.

Picture courtesy of Riverfront Times

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