The Sliced Pint


The Sliced Pint – Pint Sized Addition

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – When most people think of Washington Avenue, they think of the fun nightlife and some pricey establishments.  What they don’t think of is a fun, comfortable restaurant downtown with great food that’s relatively inexpensive.  Well, that’s the newest plan of developers Amy and Amrit Gill, who own Restoration St. Louis, as well as, O’Shay’s Pub in The Grove, Holiday Inn Route 66, and several others in Iowa.  They also own the building where, their newest venture, The Sliced Pint, will reside.

Although a pizza-and-beer themed eatery sounds very casual, this restaurant will have a little extra flair.  The pizza options will have a twist of international flare.  An example is a popular San Francisco trend, an Indian-inspired chicken tikka masala pie.  They will also serve chicken fingers and salads, as well as gluten-free crust options.  And beer lovers won’t be disappointed, there will be 32 craft beers, almost exclusively local, to choose from.  The Sliced Pint, which will be located at 1511 Washington Ave., is the former East Bank Building, now the East Bank Lofts. It was also the space briefly Ozzie Smith’s sports bar.

Contributing Editor: Kara Savio – FacebookYouTube