SAO PAULO | Brazil’s Bolsonaro to take power amid high hopes and fears

SAO PAULO — Former Brazilian army captain Jair Bolsonaro is taking office as president Tuesday promising to overhaul many aspects of life in Latin America’s largest nation.

He is no longer the outsider mocked by fellow lawmakers for his far-right positions, constant use of expletives and even casual dressing.

Bolsonaro rose to power on an anti-corruption and pro-gun agenda that has energized Brazilian conservatives and hard-right supporters after four consecutive presidential election wins by the left-leaning Workers’ Party.

He is the latest of several far-right leaders around the world who have come to power by riding waves of anger at the establishment and promises to ditch the status quo.

Brasilia will be under tight security, with 3,000 police patrolling the event. Military tanks, fighter jets and even anti-aircraft missiles will also be deployed.

By MAURICIO SAVARESE , Associated Press