Russian “Terminator” has 4 types of weapons and strong armor

(STL.News) Russia rolled out the “Terminator” or BMP-T for testing during maneuvers with the 90th Tank Division.  According to reports, Russia is testing eight “Terminator” vehicles. It plans on also exporting the vehicle.

The “Terminator” is designed to defeat anti-tank forces and is armed with several types of weapons.  The platform is capable of engaging three different targets at once with its four weapons.

It is also reportedly having a very strong protection.

The Russians have sent one BMP-T to Syria for testing and now marking the design as combat-proven.  “Terminator” is designed to significantly help increase the combat effectiveness of tank units and decrease their losses from enemy close-combat assets.

In this video Defense Updates analyzes how good is Russian “Terminator” combat vehicle?

YouTube video provided by Defense Updates

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