The Restaurant Inside Tamm Avenue Bar: Mac’s Local Eats

The Restaurant Inside Tamm Avenue Bar: Mac’s Local Eats

Mac’s Local Eats Takes Burgers to New Culinary Heights

St. Louis, MO/December 24, 2017 (STL.News) – One of St. Louis’ newest burger joints is cooking up some of the best bar food around.  Mac’s Local Eats is the restaurant inside Dogtown’s Tamm Avenue Bar (1227 Tamm Avenue, St. Louis).  Mac’s is just a food window in the wall of the back room.  It would be easy to overlook, if not for the line of people and the wonderful aromas wafting from it.  The menu is basically bar food but Chris “Mac” McKenzie and his partner, Bob Komanetsky take it to a whole new level.

Back in December 2016, when the bar was known as the Tamm Avenue Grill, a major sewer break shut down the kitchen, forcing owners Bob Brazell, Ryan McDonald, and Benjamin Strake to rethink the food program in their newly renovated bar.  They decided the best thing they could do was to lease their kitchen to someone who would make the kind of food their sports bar patrons wanted to eat—essentially bar food, but they wanted it to be special.

That’s when Brazell recruited McKenzie.  Already experienced at bringing local food producers and consumers together through his CSA Mac’s Local Buys, McKenzie’s attitude toward fresh, high quality food was a good fit for Brazell’s vision for the bar.  As soon as the deal was done, McKenzie partnered with Completely Sauced food truck owner and chef Bob Komanetsky. Komanetsky mans the grill.  McKenzie handles the window.

The menu at Mac’s looks like nothing special. But looks can be deceiving.  This is food created with the sort of care you’d expect at a fine dining establishment.  McKenzie and Komanetsky make nearly everything from scratch, including grinding the whole cow into beef for the burgers, and even making their own condiments.  Their extra effort makes even the simplest dishes extraordinary.

It starts with the quality of the ingredients.  Mac’s burgers are made with dry-aged, grass-fed, humanely raised beef.  They use the whole cow, not just the tough bits, adding extra dimension and depth to the flavor.  The burgers are portioned in two-ounce patties, smashed on a hot flat top grill, to give them a quick sear and crispy edges.  There’s no special sauce or seasoning.  It’s just deeply flavored beef, perfectly cooked.  Order a single, double, or triple.  Or get “the Captain,” a quadruple burger (read: four patties), layered with melty American cheese, and topped with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions on a buttered roll.  “The Louie” is also something special. It’s two beef patties with Provel cheese and housemade aioli topped with sautéed onions and bell peppers.  The rotating menu also includes German-style salt and pepper brats, pork burgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, nachos, veggie burgers, and specialties like “Ripcheese” (gooey, fried Provel cheese dusted with Red Hot Riplets seasoning).

Mac’s was recently praised by Zagat the 30 Most Exciting Food Cities in America 2017 for “slinging high-quality bites,” and one of the reasons the national restaurant guide gave for naming St. Louis one of the 30 most exciting food cities in America.  Mac’s Local Eats has certainly made the Tamm Avenue Bar one of the most exciting foods stops in Dogtown.

Contact information:

Mac’s Local Eats
Owners: Chris “Mac” McKenzie and Bob Komanetsky
Tamm Avenue Bar in Dogtown
1227 Tamm Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63139
Phone: (314) 479-8155


By Susan Smith-Harmon – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC (MS)