Realtor & Landlord / Real Estate Investor, Jonathan Taylor Smith Launches the [… and Landlord!] Podcast



A new Business Podcast launches today named [… and Landlord!], which is specially on the subject of Residential Rental Real Estate – in other words, a Rental Property Investing Podcast with Jonathan Taylor Smith, by Blue Chariot Media.

Jonathan Taylor (“J.T.”) Smith is a Licensed Real Estate Agent / Broker (Realtor), Real Estate Investor (Landlord) and is now the Host of the new Podcast, which is named based upon the various titles that best describe him. For instance, Jonathan is a Husband of 19 years; a Father of 11 years; an Entrepreneur of 23 years (self-employed since 2002); and since 2015, a Realtor… and Landlord!

Thus, keying on these aspects of himself, the name of J.T.’s new Podcast is “… and Landlord! Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast”, and in-line with this it has the sub-title of “Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Realtor, a long list of other titles and descriptions… and Landlord!” – which is perfectly reflective of who he is and what he does for a living. J.T.’s Podcast sub-title continues with “Following a roadmap to financial freedom through residential rental real estate.” – which is what the Podcast is meant to help listeners to achieve.

“Everyone has many titles and descriptions, and my Podcast will be about how they are all benefited and a person’s financial future can be secured by adding… and Landlord!” – J.T. Smith

J.T.’s entrepreneurial endeavors began back in 1996 when he created his first company (an eCommerce Website), but he’s been fully self-employed since 2002, when he quit his day job as an IT Systems Engineer at a Raleigh Telecom Company (BTI) – to focus on his own IT / Web Hosting Company (which later became ViUX Systems @ J.T. has grown ViUX since 2002 (and still owns this company today), but branched into Real Estate Investing in 2015, creating a new company named Blue Chariot.

Since being founded in 2015, Blue Chariot has branched into: Blue Chariot Homes (pending New Build & possible “Flips”); Blue Chariot Properties (Rentals); Blue Chariot Management (Rental Property Management); and now, Blue Chariot Media, under which the [… and Landlord!] Podcast is produced.

In 2015 J.T. also obtained his Real Estate Brokers License and became a Real Estate Agent / Realtor to aid others in buying and selling homes, recently creating Blue Chariot Realty. Further, being a Licensed Realtor with his own Real Estate Agency makes J.T. an even more effective Real Estate Investor, and allows him to work with and on behalf of other Investors in the Raleigh / Durham (Triangle) area of North Carolina – where the [Blue Chariot] Companies (and ViUX) are all based.

The Podcast will release new episodes at least weekly, on Tuesday’s. However, J.T. hopes to expand production to 2 or 3 episodes per week with guest interviews emphasizing the [… and Landlord!] concept; while covering matters of general business, finance, motivation and productivity.

“I’ve got a lot to offer on this Podcast, and I think I’m uniquely qualified to speak on matters of Internet Business, Real Estate Investing; as well as Internet Marketing, plus the challenges of motivation, productivity and other obstacles I’ve successfully overcome along the way. 2019 is positioned to be an amazing year for me, and I want this Podcast to help others achieve their own amazing results.” – J.T. Smith

J.T. also mentioned that he was motivated to start the [… and Landlord!] Podcast by other Podcasts he’s listened to and by fellow Real Estate Investors who felt his voice was needed. “As you scroll through the listing of Real Estate Podcasts on popular platforms like iTunes and Stitcher, I could not help but to notice that not many seem to be from African-Americans. And so while my Podcast is certainly not targeted at any one demographic (it’s for everyone); I would love to influence more Black people to get into Real Estate Investing, as well as having their own business.” – J.T. Smith

Another tagline of the [… and Landlord!] Podcast is to “Be all that you are… and Landlord!” – so this is a resource meant to teach people how to add “… and Landlord” to the litany of titles and descriptions that speak to who they are and what they do. Listeners of the Podcast can even interact with J.T. and be on the show by leaving feedback on the Landlord Blog or calling in and leaving a message that might be played on a future episode.

You can listen to the “… and Landlord!” Podcast right now at most popular Podcast locations, or from the Website at:

About The [… and Landlord!] Podcast & Blue Chariot Media:

The [… and Landlord!] Podcast is a production of Blue Chariot Media, LLC, a privately held [Blue Chariot] Company in Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina; established by Jonathan Taylor Smith in 2019.

About Blue Chariot:

Blue Chariot, LLC (dba Blue Chariot Homes) is part of an association of privately held companies related to the business of Real Estate Investing, each owned by Jonathan Taylor Smith, consisting of: Blue Chariot Properties, LLC; Blue Chariot Management, LLC; Blue Chariot Media, LLC; and Blue Chariot Realty, LLC (in association with Keller Williams Preferred Realty) – established beginning in 2015.

About ViUX Systems:

ViUX Systems, Inc. is a privately held North Carolina Corporation established in 2002 / 2003 by Jonathan Taylor Smith – with the mission to provide individuals and businesses of all types and sizes with the Web / Internet Technology and Software Solutions required to offer their products and services to the world over the Internet with Vision, Understanding, & eXperience in Web Services.