Putin holds the world hostage with threats or nuclear retaliation

Putin holds the world hostage with threats of nuclear retaliation – is the world prepared for a nuclear terrorist to control the world?

(STL.News) Putin is holding the world hostage after threatening nuclear threats for interfering in his Ukraine invasion.  There is a significant debate regarding if Putin would use nuclear weapons.

The world can’t afford to allow this to happen.  Society is faced with a tyrant using nuclear weapons as a political weapon.  This stage was set when the world political leaders decided to invent and stockpile nuclear weapons.

Debating whether Putin would take such action is useless.  It has been common among world leaders never to use the “N” word as a threat.  But, much like a marriage, once the “D” word is put on the table, it will likely happen as the threat only works for so long before you have to pay up on that threat.

Putin has boxed himself into a corner.  Would he use nuclear weapons?  It is logical to think that he would.  But can the world be satisfied to be a hostage of his threats?  Putin will be victorious and rule the world, or he has ended his political position and maybe Russia’s.

It is one of the worst political decisions that any world leader could be faced with.  Nevertheless, leaders must be strong and face these difficult decisions.  It is logical to assume that most citizens worldwide don’t want to be under the rule of a communist tyrant with a nuclear arsenal.

Additionally, China alleges that the US has biological weapons lab hidden in Ukraine.  Is this staging a political reason for China and Russia to save the world from the US to justify their ambitions, with which they have stated their strong partnership with?

It appears that the US and maybe the world have their hands full with these two leaders and their communistic agenda.  So what is their next move?