Presidential Message – First Birthday of the United States Space Force

Presidential Message - First Birthday of the United States Space Force

Today, December 20th is the 1st Anniversary for the United States Space Force

Washington, DC (STL.News) Today, the White House released the following Presidential Message:

As Commander in Chief, I send my best wishes to the men and women of the United States Space Force on its first birthday!

Over 50 years ago, Americans produced one of history’s most triumphant achievements by taking “one small step for man” and “one giant leap for mankind.”  As our beautiful American Flag was planted on the Moon’s surface, it was clear what had brought humans to this new and wondrous frontier—the American spirit.  One year ago, we opened another chapter in the extraordinary history of American leadership in space, and strengthened America’s heritage as the world’s greatest arsenal of democracy.  Today, I commend the brave Americans who have taken their oath and joined the Space Force’s ranks, and the many more yet to join, for taking another giant leap toward a brighter future for all.

Now, we stand at the birth of a new era. As space exploration and commercialization continues to increase, our Nation’s boundless future will be built upon the success of the Space Force and its members. True to their motto, “Always Above,” the Guardians of the United States Space Force ensure our Nation continues to maintain peace through strength by securing the farthest reaches of humanity. These 21st century pioneers keep watch around the world by detecting missile launches, providing strategic advantages to our military and intelligence community, and propelling our Armed Forces into the future.

The United States has the most capable military on Earth, and today, we celebrate the Space Force for extending our safety and security beyond it.  May God protect all those who serve our great Nation in uniform, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.

Semper Supra!

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