WASHINGTON | Patrick Caddell, pollster to Jimmy Carter, dies at 68

WASHINGTON (AP) — A colleague of Patrick Caddell says the pollster who helped propel Jimmy Carter in his longshot bid to win the presidency has died. He was 68.

Caddell died Saturday in Charleston, South Carolina, after suffering a stroke. That’s according to Professor Kendra Stewart of the College of Charleston, who confirmed the death to The Associated Press Saturday night.

Caddell eventually drifted away from the Democratic Party and began advising supporters of Republican Donald Trump and was a contributor to Fox News for a time.

Caddell joined with Carter in the early 1970s to develop a campaign strategy to overcome the cynicism spawned by the Vietnam War and Watergate. In an oral history Caddell said Carter’s best bet was to present himself as an outsider who could help heal the country.

By Associated Press