Personalized Workouts Have Never Been This Personal

London, UK (STL.News) There are always new trends, advancements, and workout regimes emerging in the fitness industry – take Soul Cycle, and Fitbit for example.  Both of them became not only new waves in technology, but in a way, a bit of a lifestyle.

Soul Cycle became not only a modern and fun way to work out, but created a community as well, even for a variety of celebrities.  Fitbit was more than just a cool watch for those who sported one; people of all ages were able to better monitor their health with a tap of a screen.

Introducing, the newest trend in the industry, personalized fitness plans through the use of genetic testing.  Yes, you heard that correctly, your DNA can now tell you how many squats to do and what meals to make.  It is great to have data, for instance from a Fitbit, but what is the next step?  What does the data really mean to the person individually?  Many people are not sure to what to do with the data that is provided to them, which is one of many reasons that emerging companies are using the genetic research concept.

Muhdo is one of the companies that are paving the way for DNA-based fitness plans.  The company was founded in the United Kingdom and has quickly become a tool used by various British athletes such as hockey player Sam Quek and cyclist Joey Walker.

The process itself is painless and one of the easiest ways to capture DNA.  All you have to do is order the kit, and provide a saliva sample in a tube to be sent back for analyzing.  Then, set up an account online or on the official app, explaining what you want to achieve, which you can also change as many times as you want in the future.  A team of professionals will then provide a detailed report for you with nutrition and fitness plans that also provide information about nutrients lacking in your genes.

What is unique about Muhdo is that there is no monthly fee for using the service, just the original price for the kit.  There is also a support team to answer any questions you may have 24/7.  Not only are you learning about your DNA which is incredibly beneficial to know, but also learning ways to better yourself with the support and guidance of professionals.  The company even provides free recipes!  The kit is just under $330 and available to buy in the UK and the U.S.

Some other companies that use saliva-based testing include FitnessGenes, DNAFit, Nutrigenomix, and iamYiam.

Thriva, is a blood-based genetic testing kit that requires you to prick your finger, and send a sample to the labs to be examined.  Much like Muhdo, the company will also provide you with a detailed report.  The purpose of Thriva, is to tell you how your lifestyle is impacting your body and overall health.  The test checks six different areas including energy, two thyroid tests, testosterone, vitamin B12, and lifestyle.  Meal recommendations are also a part of the subscription from Thriva.

It is without a doubt, that this kind of technology is the future of health and fitness.


By Alexandra R. Fasulo – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC