PerJax Americana


PerJax Americana Kitchen Closes

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – PerJax Americana Kitchen, opened in University City in May 2016, has closed after only two months in operation.  Feast broke the news that the new establishment at 7401 Pershing Avenue in University City would no longer be serving restaurant goers and food enthusiasts.

Owner Steve Cupp, who previously owned Glenn’s Café in Columbia, posted a message on the restaurant’s Facebook page explaining the closure:

“Unfortunately we have decided to close the restaurant. Business was not what we had hoped or needed.  The overly long construction schedule, which was not under our control, drained our limited resources.”

“We wish to thank our loyal customers (there were several of you in the short time we were open) and everyone who gave us a try.  We received lots of complements about our food, which helps soften this blow for us.

“Lastly, we regret that our employees have been put in this difficult position.  They did everything they could to help us succeed.”

The venue, previously home to restaurant Bici Café and Sofia Bistro, is officially back on the market.