BEAUREGARD, Ala | ‘My life is gone’: Pain and loss amid tornado’s destruction

BEAUREGARD, Ala. (AP) — Residents of a small Alabama community hit by a powerful tornado are mourning the deaths of 23 people as they pick through shattered homes for salvageable belongings and crews search for more victims.

Carol Dean found her wedding dress Monday among the wreckage of her mobile home in Beauregard. But the storm took her husband.

She said: “My life is gone.”

Dean said her spouse, 53-year-old David Wayne Dean, was killed Sunday when the twister struck their home while she was at work.

She said he had been texting a friend to beware of the approaching storm.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says crews with dogs and drones have combed over the hardest-hit areas, but there’s more searching to be done.

By KIM CHANDLER and JEFF MARTIN,Associated Press