Blood & Sand: A Membership in Luxury

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Kitchen Kulture expands to Kounter Kulture a St. Louis Restaurant

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“What America Eats” features Charlie Gitto’s Toasted Ravioli

Charlie Gitto’s Toasted Ravioli

St. Louis, MO/December 23, 2016/6:20 am (STLRestaurant.News) Charlie Gitto’s Toasted Ravioli – Charlie Gitto Jr., and his son Anthony Gitto, was recently featured on Community Tables’ video series “What America Eats“.  The video was uploaded onto Community Tables’ YouTube Channel on December 14, 2016 and the article was published on their website December 15, 2016.  A well-deserved honor for St. Louis’ hottest restaurant that offers casual fine dining atmosphere featuring Italian cuisines in three different St. Louis locations.

Anthony Gitto
Anthony Gitto

Each month, Chef Jon Ashton, travels the country to learn and teach all about popular cuisines.  This month they featured Charlie Gitto’s and their popular Toasted Ravioli.

Known and loved by most St. Louis residents the Toasted Ravioli was created on The Hill in a restaurant known at the time as Angelo’s, which is now home to the famous restaurant, Charlie Gitto’s.

While Anthony explains the origin and the process of making this popular cuisine, nobody will ever know the secret recipe that makes Gitto’s spectacular dish known and loved across the city to hundred or thousands of guests everyday.  Thousands of Toasted Ravioli’s are made and served at Charlie Gitto’s three locations each week making it one of the most popular restaurants in St. Louis.  While Gitto’s is known for their Toasted Ravioli, they are also popular for all of their Italian cuisines, steaks and seafood that attracts similar attention.

Not only is Charlie Gitto’s a popular dining destination, it is a popular caterer, which serves thousands of Toasted Ravioli’s each week, in addition to those served at the three restaurants.

October 3, 2016, STLRestaurant.News published an article, “Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis” announcing Charlie Gitto’s as the best Italian restaurant in the St. Louis metro area according to a popular online review/rating service.

November 17, 2016, St. Louis Magazines’ George Mahe interviewed and published an article titled “Q&A: A Conversation with Chef Charlie Gitto Jr.“.

At this point, with all of the publicity and success, it is indisputable who the most popular restaurateur is in the St. Louis metro area.  STLRestaurant.News will continue to monitor Charlie Gitto Jr. and his restaurant empire.

As we approach the end of 2016, most of us look back at our personal/professional accomplishments and/or failures to help us decide on our New Year’s resolutions.  We are anxious to see what New Year’s resolutions from a man like Charlie Gitto Jr. might be?  Stay tuned!

Charlie Gitto's on The Hill
Charlie Gitto’s on The Hill

Charlie Gitto’s restaurants are strategically located across the metro area.  The three locations are:


Video courtesy of Community Table

For more information about Charlie Gitto’s contact:

Charlie Gitto’s

Samantha K. Vogt

Phone: (314) 772-8898

Email: [email protected]


Contributing Editor: M Smith


Recent STLRestaurant.News article “The Legend Continues – Charlie Gitto’s


Picture (s) courtesy of Charlie Gitto Jr., Restaurateur/Photographer


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