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Noboleis Vineyards Wins the C.V. Riley Award

AUGUSTA, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Noboleis Vineyards: the picturesque Augusta vineyard that sits on 74 acres of rolling hills that was once an abandoned farm was recently awarded the C.V. Riley Award for their 2014 Norton at the Missouri Wine Competition. Each year, different competitions recognize exceptional wines produced in the state, and this particular award celebrates the best Norton in the state each year.

For those who don’t know, C.V Riley, was a fellow Missourian accredited with saving the French wine industry.  French vineyards suffered a horrible blow in 1870, because of horrific Phylloxera that contaminated the soil. Riley came up with the idea of inserting resistant American rootstock to French vines, and sent the American root-stock vines from Missouri. It was a huge success and saved the French wine industry from ruin.

Noboleis’s award-winning 2014 Norton was very limited in production due to drought conditions during the 2014 growing season.  Compared to the year before which yielded over 10 tons in 2014, there were only low grape yields of 3.6 tons, making it a smaller quantity than normal. The positive side of that is that less grapes on the vine means a higher concentration of energy from the plant to those grapes. This results in a distinct, fuller body flavor with a much smoother finish.

The 2014 winning Norton will have to step aside soon though, because the 2015 Norton will be out within the month.  Noboleis is just one of a hundred and thirty wineries in the state of Missouri. The family owned winery currently offers 20 different wines, with 6 different kinds of grapes, for blending and changing flavors. Besides making wine for other wineries, their wines are distributed wholesale to 60 different outlets, reaching as far as Kansas City.

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