CHISINAU, Moldova | Early results: no party secures majority in Moldova ballot

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — Early results from Moldova’s parliamentary elections show no party has secured a majority, a result that could leave the former Soviet republic in limbo between pro-Western and pro-Russia forces.

With about a fifth of Sunday’s votes counted, the broadly pro-Russia opposition Socialists have 31 percent, while the incumbent Democratic Party has 29 percent. The pro-European group ACUM is in third with about 19 percent.

The election comes as the Democratic Party’s governing alliance has lost support over rampant corruption, falling living standards and the erosion of democracy in Moldova, a small landlocked nation between Romania and Ukraine,.

President Igor Dodon forecast another election in the coming months.

If lawmakers fail to form a coalition 45 days after the election result, the president dissolves the legislature and calls a new vote.