New Income Streams Being Considered by Sports Clubs

(STL.News) Before the pandemic, many sports clubs were riding high, especially when it came to their income levels, for there were never any shortages of companies and business owners that were prepared to throw some huge amounts of cash at many sports clubs by way of advertising and/or sponsorship deals too.

However, the extended lockdowns soon put an end to that of course, and over the last year so much cash has been pulled out of the sporting industry as a whole, it is true to say that some sports clubs are not going to make it through until the end of lockdowns, and some will have to go out of business.

Sports clubs across the globe are all in the same boat so to speak, and when it comes to the businesses that used to throw money as the sporting industry, well the author at stated that even the best betting sites are making some massive cutbacks on the amount of cash they once used to pay out to sports clubs to promote their businesses.

It is going to be a case of survival of the fittest moving forward for sure, but that is not only true of the sporting industry but every other market sector too, and if many businesses go to the wall that will have an even worse knock-on effect on the sporting industry.

Can Sports Clubs Make Financial Cutbacks?

With it looking increasingly likely that many sports clubs and those actively involved in the sporting industry are not going to be able to increase or diversify their income streams any time soon, many of them are going to be faced with having to make some huge cutbacks and savings.

However, how they can go about doing that remains to be seen, they could of course force their players to accept wage cuts, they may be able to negotiate a lower rent on their grounds and stadiums, but there is rarely any major financial savings that sports clubs can make, but many of them are going to have to make savings if they are going to survive, that is for sure.

A large number of Sports Clubs Taking Out Bounce Back Loans

Those sports clubs that have wealthy backers or owners have been able to weather the pandemic from a financial point of view, however, for the much smaller sports clubs’ things have been hard for many of them and they have had no other option but to take on debt to allow them to survive.

Whilst furlough schemes have of course enabled many sports clubs to at the very least keep their employees paid, there have been several Government-backed loan schemes launched which have had a huge take-up from the entire sporting industry with many sports clubs taking on such loans.

The problem with any loan of course is that at some point in time they do need paying back, and with no income having been generated for around a year now by many sports clubs paying back those loans is going to prove troublesome for many of them.

The solution it appears will be in the form of additional Government-backed loan schemes that are being launched soon, however, you cannot keep on taking on more debt no matter what market sector you operate in unless you have a clear business plan and can start generating income once more, which may not be for quite some time yet for many sports clubs of course.

Your Favourite Team Needs You

It does not matter what type of sport that you have a keen interest in, all sports clubs, teams, and even individual athletes have been suffering financially over the last year, and with light at the end of the tunnel now and with live sporting events about to become reality, you really do need to get out and attend as many of them as you can do.

Make no mistake about it, by attending any sporting events the tickets you buy and any merchandise you buy when at the sports ground, venue or stadium is desperately needed by the club your support, so make sure you do show your support by attending those events sooner rather than later.