Nevada Governor Proposed Innovation Zones Concept

Nevada Governor Proposed Innovation Zones Concept

NV (STL.News) Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced his intention to create a special joint committee to allow the continued analysis and exploration of Innovation Zones beyond the 2021 Legislative Session.

The concept of Innovation Zones was introduced as one part of the Governor’s Economic Action Plan during the 2021 State of the State address as a way to help advance new and innovative technologies and accelerate the State’s growing economic diversification.  The goal was to create the ability to attract advanced technology industries prepared to significantly invest in Nevada’s success.

“I recognize there are limitations that come with a biennial 120-day session – never mind one taking place in the midst of a historic pandemic that requires state officials and legislators to direct their energies to the impact of COVID and the critical response needed,” said Gov. Steve Sisolak.  “Innovation Zones is a bold proposal for our State that deserves additional attention and discussion – and not under the pressure of less than 40 remaining days in the current legislative session.  I know that legislators, stakeholders and Nevadans still have questions, and I want those questions to be discussed and answered.  I want people to be enthusiastic about this opportunity, not skeptical about a fast-tracked bill.  Nevadans deserve that, and I believe this Special Joint Committee is a perfect solution to explore this economic opportunity.”

The Governor is proposing to create the special joint committee through a concurrent resolution by the Nevada Legislature.  This will allow Legislative Leadership to appoint members of the committee, including members from each house representing the majority and minority parties.

“This plan will allow for additional time to vet this proposal and include critical stakeholders, including tribal leaders, water authorities, environmental groups, labor organizations, economic development authorities, local jurisdictions, and interested tenants,” said Majority Leader Cannizzaro.  “This alternative proposal allows legislators and Nevadans the ability to fully vet and remain open to economic opportunities that can create high-skilled, high-paying jobs for Nevadans.”

“A special joint committee gives this economic policy proposal the dedicated space and time needed to have productive conversation and determine what works best for Nevada,” said Speaker Frierson.  “We understand that there are outstanding questions that deserve discussion and vetting, and this path forward will allow us to remain open to economic diversification while determining the full impact to our State.”

To see the copy outlining the Governor’s proposed next steps, click here.

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