MListingS – MLS Listings Management

MListingS offers professional MLS listings management.

MListingS was created to help real estate brokers compete online by helping them enhance their online presence of their office location (s) and their MLS listings syndicated across the web. Additionally, consumers seeking a new home relies on information provided online to help their process of elimination of what homes they are interested in considering.

With the arrival of the coronavirus the real estate profession has quickly changed and adapted to virtual tours and virtual real estate closing process.  Not even sure what more changes have been made or will be made.  But one thing is certain, the world has changed, and the real estate sales process is not protected from the change.

Properly marketing your MLS listings online is more important than ever before.  Consumers have heavily relied on information provided online, but the reliance will grow significantly in the near future.  There are more than 100 MLS publishers online.  MListingS will help get your listings syndicated to show on most, if not all, of these sites.  Your local MLS provider will be the determining factor how many MLS publishers will receive your listings.

It is a simple service to signup for and is available across the country.

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