Missouri News: Suspend Indicted Officers’ Licenses now, says State Senator Jamilah Nasheed

St. Louis, MO – Missouri State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed is calling for immediate action from the Missouri Department of Public Safety following the indictment of four St. Louis police officers for beating an undercover officer during protests in 2017.

“I am appalled by the unethical, out of control and vicious behavior of these officers.  The text messages released last night show these individuals were more interested in terrorizing our community than protecting it,” Sen. Nasheed said.  “Their actions are unacceptable, and immediate steps must be taken to protect our streets and restore the integrity of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

“These four officers have shown an inability to uphold the standards our community, and any community, demands of its police force.  Until this investigation proves otherwise, we cannot allow them to simply transfer to another jurisdiction and wreak their havoc elsewhere.

“The Missouri Department of Public Safety must immediately suspend these officers’ licenses pending the outcome of this case.  Continue to label incidents such as these ‘mistakes’ or calling them ‘friendly fire’ just won’t cut it.  Until real and tangible steps are taken, the public’s trust in its police department will remain deeply damaged.”

Under Missouri Law (RSMo. 590.090.1), the Missouri Department of Public Safety Director has the authority to immediately suspend a peace officer’s license if that officer:

  • Is under indictment for, is charged with, or has been convicted of the commission of any felony; or
  • Is subject to an order of another state, territory, the federal government, or any peace officer licensing authority suspending or revoking a peace officer license or certification; or
  • Presents a clear and present danger to the public health or safety if commissioned as a peace officer.

Colonel Sandy Karsten was named Director of the Department of Public Safety by the governor on Aug. 27, 2018 and assumed the post on Sept. 1, 2018.  She was confirmed by the Missouri Senate on Sept. 14, 2018.

Statement by Public Safety Director

SOURCE: news provided by SENATE.MO.GOV