Missouri News: Missouri Auditor Galloway finds lack of oversight, missing funds in Dade County Sheriff's Office

Missouri News: Missouri Auditor Galloway finds lack of oversight, missing funds in Dade County Sheriff’s Office

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Several county offices in Dade County, including the Sheriff and the Collector-Treasurer, need to improve their controls and procedures to better serve county residents, Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway says.  The State Auditor’s Office today released its regularly-scheduled audit of the government of Dade County, located in southwest Missouri.  The audit received an overall rating of poor.

“This audit points to the need for improved controls and procedures in several areas of Dade County government so that both funds and electronic data can be better protected,” Auditor Galloway said.  “I urge county officials to implement our recommendations in order to better serve taxpayers.”

Several of the findings focused on weak record keeping and lack of oversight in the Sheriff’s office.  Initial work by auditors revealed $3,000 in missing funds.  The Sheriff’s office was able to explain and account for much of the money.  However, approximately $800 in missing funds were shown on receipt slips, but not deposited into the inmate bank account.  Cash refunds were also made to inmates, but not recorded in the computerized accounting system.  As a result, inmates received a check for money they has already been refunded in cash.

The Sheriff also did not prepare monthly bank reconciliations for five to 14 months on various bank accounts and did not maintain accurate accounting records.  Other concerns included delays in depositing and disbursing civil and criminal process fees, not properly disbursing commissary proceeds and collecting a drug testing fee not allowed by state law.

Among additional findings of the audit:

  • The County Collector-Treasurer needs to improve controls and procedures; the audit showed amounts were under withheld from tax collections for the Assessment Fund and from the collection of delinquent taxes;
  • There was not adequate review of the financial activities of the Collector-Treasurer by the County Clerk nor the County Commission; and
  • County electronic records are not adequately protected and are susceptible to unauthorized access or loss of data.


SOURCE: news provided by AUDITOR.MO.GOV