Missouri News: Columbia City urges residents to voluntarily move vehicles off of priority routes

COLUMBIA, MO – The City of Columbia, Missouri published the following statement on their website, dated November 25, 2018:

The City of Columbia is asking residents to not park on priority routes in anticipation of a possible 2 inches of snow this evening.  The ordinance does not take affect unless there are two inches of snow, but voluntarily moving your vehicle before going to bed ensures that the priority routes are free of vehicles as plow crews work overnight on priority routes.

If you are unsure of which street is a priority route, look for the red, white and blue sign that says Designated Snow Route.  There is also a list of these streets and an online map at CoMoSnow.com

Travel discouraged.  A 16-person plow crew is currently deployed but blizzard conditions may make visibility difficult or impossible at times.  Plow drivers will have low visibility so moving cars off of all roads and not driving this evening unless absolutely necessary will be helpful for efficient operations and safety.

While the 2 inch rule goes into affect automatically regardless of notice, the City does its best to communicate to the public when it’s time to move vehicles.  We will avoid towing cars as long as we can but at some point it may become necessary.  You can also sign up for alerts at Nixle.com or by texting the phrase COLUMBIAPW to 888777.

Again, we are asking all residents to voluntarily move their vehicles as soon as possible off of priority routes in case we do receive two inches of snow this evening.  This will be very helpful even if we don’t get 2 inches.  Thank you for your help!

SOURCE: news provided by COMO.GOV