Missouri Lottery News: St. Louis Man, Duane Lewis, ‘Couldn’t Stop Saying Thank You’ After He Won $50,000

JEFFERSON CITY, MODuane Lewis is a regular player of the Missouri Lottery’s “Gold Rush” Scratchers game.  Every week, while on break at work, Lewis visits the same BP Amoco gas station at 6701 Natural Bridge Road in St. Louis to purchase a “Gold Rush” ticket.  However, he received a huge surprise when he realized he had won $50,000 on Sept. 17.

Lewis had gone to the car to scratch his ticket, when he realized he had won one of the game’s top prizes.

“I couldn’t stop saying thank you,” Lewis said, recounting the moment. “I said thank you for about 20 minutes. I just couldn’t really say anything else.”

In order to keep the ticket safe until he could claim his prize, Lewis placed the ticket into a plastic bag and slipped it into his shoe for safe keeping.

“I had to put it somewhere!” he laughed, as he recalled walking around with the ticket in his shoe.

As for what he plans to do with the prize money, Lewis shared that he has two daughters in their early twenties and that the money will go to helping them.

“I’m happy to help them as they transition into later phases in life,” he said.

“Gold Rush” is a $3 Scratchers ticket that started on June 25. The game has more than $4 million dollars in prizes remaining, including two more top prizes of $50,000.

SOURCE: news provided by MOLOTTERY.COM on October 2, 2018