Missouri Lottery News: Pevely Resident’s, David Patterson Jr., New Year Starts With $100,000 Surprise

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Jan. 12, 2019 – An honest mistake has yielded a $100,000 Missouri Lottery prize for David Patterson Jr.  The Pevely resident and his girlfriend were running errands on New Year’s Eve when Patterson requested that they stop at the gas station they typically buy Scratchers ticket.

“She drove past the (gas station) I wanted to go to,” said Patterson.  “Instead of turning around, I just told her to stop at the next one we passed.”

When they came across I-55 Motor Plaza, 1707 Highway Z in Pevely, Patterson went inside in search of one of his favorite $5 tickets, “$100,000 Money Vault Multiplier.”

“I got this ticket and two other $5 tickets from their vending machine,” recalled Patterson, who played a portion of his “Multiplier” ticket while at the store, matching one number.  “I scratched the ‘20X’ (symbol) and decided to wait and scratch the prize.”

Patterson finished playing the ticket soon after arriving at his girlfriend’s family home.  To his surprise, the corresponding prize to the “20X” symbol on his ticket was $5,000, awarding him a $100,000 top prize.

Patterson claimed the prize three days later on Jan. 3, saying that he went as far as sleeping with the ticket under his pillow during each of those nights.  Those few days allowed the winner to decide how he would like to allocate the prize.  Final options include purchasing a newer vehicle, putting a down payment on a house and possibly treating his girlfriend and their two sons to a trip to Disney World®.

Introduced on May 29, 2018, “$100,000 Money Vault Multiplier” is a $5 Scratchers ticket.  To play the game, match any of “Your Numbers” to any “Winning Number” and win the prize shown.  Each of “Your Numbers” features a “Multiplier” number, which will multiply the corresponding prize.  Remaining prize amounts for all Scratchers games can be found at MOLottery.com and on the official Missouri Lottery app.

SOURCE: news provided by MOLOTTERY.COM on January 11, 2019