Missouri Lottery News: Albany Man, Wil Grussing, Wins $100,000 Scratchers Prize

Albany, MO (STL.News) – Wil Grussing’s normal morning coffee stop turned into an unforgettable moment after he picked up a Missouri Lottery Money Mania Multiplier Scratchers ticket worth $100,000.  Grussing said he stops by his local Casey’s General Store, 1202 N. Hundley St. in Albany, every morning for a cup of coffee, and sometimes he buys a Scratchers ticket while he’s there to scratch while he chats with other patrons.

“I bought one ticket, and I scratched it, and nothing happens,” Grussing said, going through the moments before he won.  “So, I thought… well, I’ll try it again. So I bought a second ticket and brought it back to the table.  I scratch off the numbers and, lo and behold, it’s the winning number!”

Grussing said he had played this ticket before, and he’d gotten a few $5 winners, so he expected this to be another one.

“I started scratching on the prize column, and the first number I hit was 5, so I thought it would be another $5 winner, but I kept scratching only to see that it was $5,000! But it didn’t stop there.  Then I hit the multiplier and it was like ka-boom! That’s the cream in the coffee!”

“I went over and scanned it on the ticket checker on the counter, and it said ‘Winner! $100,000!’  I had goose bumps running up and down my arms. I couldn’t believe it.”

Grussing said his win is still sinking in, so he’s not sure what he’s going to do with his winnings.

“Money Mania Multiplier” is a $5 Scratchers ticket that began on June 24.  The game offers more than $9 million in remaining prizes, including three more top prizes of $100,000.  An updated list of remaining Scratchers prizes can be found at MOLottery.com or by using the Missouri Lottery app.