Missouri Lottery News: $55,558 Win for St. Louis Resident, Christine Spala

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – When Christine Spala got off work during the morning hours of Nov. 13, she played Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets to unwind from the day.

“I got off work around 3 a.m., and had some bingo Scratchers tickets to play,” said Spala, referring to a few “Diamond Bingo” Scratchers tickets, which award prizes to players who match their numbers in bingo-style patterns on any of the ticket’s six game boards.

The St. Louis resident was optimistic after winning a $3 prize for matching her numbers with a line of numbers in the ticket’s first board.

“I got to the last board and matched the four corners,” exclaimed Spala, stating that the corresponding $3,000 prize got her excited.  “I kept playing and ended up with an ‘X.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

For matching her numbers in an “X” pattern in the game’s sixth board, Spala won a $55,555 prize.  Combined with the $3 prize from the first board, she won a $55,558 top prize on the $3 ticket.

Spala found the news too exciting to keep to herself in the early morning hours, saying that she had to get her mother’s validation that the ticket was indeed a winning ticket.

“I went into my mom’s room, turned on the lights and told her to put her glasses on.  She said, ‘Honey, I think you won $55,000,’” recalled Spala. “We were so excited, we woke up the whole house.  I didn’t sleep a wink.”

Spala claimed her prize at the Lottery’s St. Louis office on Nov. 13, where she said the prize will help her find new living accommodations for her and her children.

“Oh, and I’ll be treating myself to a pedicure, too,” said Spala, who purchased her winning ticket from Wallis Petroleum, 3225 Hampton Avenue in St. Louis.

“Diamond Bingo” is a $3 bingo-inspired Scratchers ticket offering prizes ranging from $3 to $55,558.  Introduced on Aug. 2, “Diamond Bingo” has more than $6.6 million in total remaining prizes. Remaining prize amounts for all Scratchers tickets can be found at MOLottery.com or through the Missouri Lottery’s official app.

SOURCE: news provided by MOLOTTERY.COM on November 20, 2018