Missouri Lottery – $1 Million Prize Won In Lake St. Louis

MO (STL.News) A lucky player in Lake St. Louis discovered one of the $1 million prizes available in the Missouri Lottery’s “Millionaire Blowout” Scratchers game.  The ticket was purchased at Dad’s Bottle Shop, 1401 Lake St. Louis Road.

The winner had tried the $50 game and had some luck, which led to a subsequent purchase.

“I bought one of the tickets the day before at the same shop,” he said.  “I went back and bought two more because I won on the first one.”

He took those tickets home and decided to scratch them right before bed – not knowing he would be unable to fall asleep after seeing how much he’d won.

“I scratched the ‘Bonus’ section first,” he explained.  “It showed ‘$10,000’ and I started freaking out about that.  Then 20 minutes went by and I thought, ‘Wait a minute.  I’ve got to scratch the rest of this ticket.’”

The very first number on the ticket showed a prize of $50,000, and the prizes kept coming as he made his way down the ticket until he had uncovered $1 million in prizes.

“The flood of emotions kept going after each number,” he recalled.