Missouri Auto Accident: results in death of James E. Baker

EL DORADO SPRINGS, MO (STL.News) The Missouri Highway Patrol reported a traffic accident.  We regret to report this accident/news but wish that everybody involved and their families the best.

Missouri Auto Accident Report: involving James E. Baker (73), and Scott W. Amburgy (47) both from El Dorado Springs, Missouri

  1. Date: March 7, 2021
  2. Time: 7:06 pm
  3. Number of Vehicles: 2 (two)
  4. Driver Name (1): James E. Baker (73) from El Dorado Springs, Missouri
  5. Driver Name (2): Scott W. Amburgy (47) from El Dorado Springs, Missouri
  6. Occupant (2): Fay S. Souvie (72) from El Dorado Springs, Missouri
  7. Injury Driver (1): FATAL
  8. Injury Driver (2): Serious – Occupant: Serious
  9. Vehicle Description (1): 1999 Mercury Sable
  10. Vehicle Description (2): 200 Dodge Durango
  11. Incident ID Number: 210108735
  12. County: Cedar County
  13. Location: MO 32, 8 miles southeast of El Dorado Springs, Missouri
  14. Driver Insurance (1): State Farm
  15. Driver Insurance (2): Unknown
  16. Vehicle (s) Direction: vehicle 1 was westbound while vehicle 2 was northbound
  17. Investigated by: Trooper AM Jeffreys #933 – Crash Team CPL KR Waters #736 – Crash Team Trooper MK Eden #1326
  18. Troop: Troop D
  19. Misc. Information: Fatality Traffic Crash – vehicle 2 was backing into a driveway and was struck in the driver’s side by vehicle 1.  Driver 1 was pronounced deceased at 1906 by Cedar County Corner Nora Powell.  As required by law surviving driver was tested for alcohol.  No information is available about the test results.

It is the law in Missouri to:

  • Wear a Seat-belt
  • Have auto insurance
  • Obey the laws
  • Do NOT drive while under the influence of alcohol or drug use.