Missouri Auto Accident: Fatal for Chloey M Schorr – Reyna J Oliver

Missouri Auto Accident: Fatal for Chloey M Schorr - Reyna J Oliver

(STL.News) The Missouri Highway Patrol reported a traffic accident.  We regret to report this news.  We wish that everybody involved and their families the best.

Missouri Auto Accident Report: involving drivers Chloey M. Schorr (18), Abigail M. Clark (31), both from Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and Hunter E. Morgan (25) from Harrisonville, Missouri

  1. Date: February 17, 2021
  2. Time: 5:40 pm
  3. Number of Vehicles: 3 (Three)
  4. Driver Name (1): Chloey M. Schorr (18) from Pleasant Hill, Missouri – occupant Reyna J. Oliver (18) Pleasant Hill, Missouri
  5. Driver Name (2): Abigail M. Clark (31) from Pleasant Hill, Missouri
  6. Driver Name (3): Hunter E. Morgan (25) from Harrisonville, Missouri
  7. Injury Driver (1): FATAL for Chloey M. Schorr (18) and occupant, Reyna J. Oliver (18), both from Pleasant Hill, Missouri – bodies transported to Frontier Forensics
  8. Injury Driver (2): Unknown
  9. Injury Driver (3): Unknown
  10. Vehicle Description (1): 2001 Honda
  11. Vehicle Description (2): 2017 Jeep
  12. Vehicle Description (3): 2020 Freightliner
  13. Incident ID Number: 210076369
  14. County: Cass County
  15. Location: MO-7 North of Short Road
  16. Driver Insurance (1): Progressive
  17. Driver Insurance (2): American Family
  18. Driver Insurance (3): Hartford Fire
  19. Vehicle (s) Direction: Vehicle 1 was northbound – vehicle 2 was southbound – vehicle 3 was southbound
  20. Investigated by: Trooper ZD Davidson and MCIU Team #1 CPL RV McCormick #1181
  21. Troop: Troop A
  22. Misc. Information: Fatal Crash Report – Crash occurred as vehicle 1 was northbound on MO-7 and vehicles 2&3 were southbound on MO-7.  The vehicle crossed the center of the road and side-swiped vehicle 2.  Vehicle 1 began rotating and was struck by vehicle 3. Driver 1 and occupant were pronounced deceased on scene by Firefighter Jake Williamson at 1750.  Bodies (Schorr and Oliver) were transported to Frontier Forensics.

It is the law in Missouri to:

  • Wear a Seat-belt.
  • Have auto insurance.
  • Obey the laws.
  • Do NOT drive while under the influence of alcohol or drug use.
  • Do NOT text while driving.
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