Minnesota’s Blue Ribbon Council on IT Releases 2nd Report

Minnesota’s Blue Ribbon Council on Information Technology Releases Second Report

The Blue Ribbon Council on Information Technology released its second report of recommendations to strengthen the state’s modernization efforts

ST. PAUL, MN (STL.News) Minnesota’s Blue Ribbon Council on Information Technology (BRC-IT) released its second report of recommendations for state technology and innovation.  The Council was established on February 6, 2019 by Executive Order 19-02, to serve as an advisory group to Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan to modernize technology systems and business process modernization.

“More than ever before, it is critically important to modernize Minnesota’s IT systems to be more robust, efficient, and secure,” said Governor Walz.  “Minnesota residents and businesses who interact with the State deserve the best possible service.  I am grateful for the Council’s hard work to create an IT infrastructure that serves all Minnesotans, and I look forward to reviewing their recommendations.”

“From disseminating vital public health information to connecting Minnesotans to the benefits and resources they deserve, it is critical that Minnesota’s IT systems are accessible, intuitive, and equitable,” said Lieutenant Governor Flanagan.  “I look forward to reviewing the report of the Council as we work together to modernize our state government services.”

The recommendations in the BRC-IT February 2021 report strengthen the culture of work that can advance recommendations from the June 2020 report , which focused on topics such as cybersecurity, data privacy, modernization, and the development of a strong state IT workforce.  The BRC-IT 2021 recommendations include identifying self-service opportunities, fostering a culture of innovation, collaborating with the private and public sectors to support a remote workforce – all seeking to develop a holistic approach to modernizing how the state delivers services.

“These new recommendations from the BRC-IT build upon the Council’s previous recommendations by envisioning a future for state government that embraces innovation and the transformative power of technology to change how we do our work – and how we engage with Minnesotans in the digital era,” said Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) Commissioner Tarek Tomes.  “By exploring the rapid transformation of state government operations and service delivery that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic response and the factors that enabled it, the Council highlights an incredible opportunity for the State to carry lessons of the pandemic forward as we work to modernize state government services and the technology that supports them.  We at Minnesota IT Services stand ready to lead in the implementation of these recommendation in collaboration with our partner agencies across state government.”

Membership of the Blue Ribbon Council includes leadership from the private sector, state representatives and senators, and public-sector IT and government leaders.  Rick King, retired chief operating officer for technology at Thomson Reuters and a member of the state’s Technology Advisory Committee, served as the Chair of the Blue Ribbon Council.

“I am extremely pleased with the solid recommendations the Blue Ribbon Council has put forward again and the highly collaborative spirit the council members exhibited during the process,” said Rick King.  “I think the Council’s work moved the needle forward for IT in the state.”

MNIT and state agencies, alongside the public and private sector partners in the BRC-IT, are committed to the ongoing effort of advancing these recommendations to co-create a modernized, innovative government that works for all Minnesotans.

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