Michigan – Legislation Expanding Open Meetings Act

Whitmer Signs Legislation Expanding Open Meetings

LANSING, MI (STL.News) Governor Gretchen Whitmer today signed House Bill 4705, which expands the Open Meetings Act to require certain state public bodies to create and maintain audio recordings of their meetings, expanding transparency and accountability.  This brings the total of bipartisan bills signed to 811.

“Transparency and accessibility are critical to ensuring people trust their state government,” said Governor Whitmer. “Expanding the Open Meetings Act to require audio recordings of public meetings will help Michiganders have more confidence in their public bodies.  I will work with anyone to boost accountability by instituting robust standards of transparency consistently across levels and chambers of our government.”

House Bill 4705 expands the Open Meetings Act to require public meetings of state licensing boards, state commission panels, and state rule-making boards to record meetings to allow for the capture of sound, such as an audio-only recording, a video recording with sound and picture, or a broadcast that is capable of being recorded.

House Bill 4705 was sponsored by Rep. Luke Meerman, R – Coopersville.