Media Partner Opportunity

Enter the news business – start your own business – start your own PR business – start your own news/advertising agency as a Media Partner with STL.News

Media Partner Opportunity – STL.News offers media partner opportunities.  STL.News is an online news publication publishing licensed news stories provided by the Associated Press (AP) in addition to press releases from national government offices and agencies, state government offices and agencies, local municipalities, universities, colleges and publicly traded companies.

Our news is shown on:

Our Mission:

  1. Provide a reliable online news source
  2. Publish unbiased direct source news
  3. Create a worldwide media partner network to enhance local news
  4. Publish as much news worthy content as possible
  5. Create a rewarding relationship between our news sources, media partners and readers

We provide our Media Partners:

  • Access to our news platform
  • Business Listings on STL.News
  • Specific news category pages
  • Training & support
  • Access to proprietary state news sources
  • Training meetings
  • State specific domain names
  • Aggregated referral sites
  • MLS Real Estate listings – coming 2019
  • Social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Linkedin
  • IT support

Media partners will be responsible for:

STL.News will publish AP news content, which is world and national news coverage.

As a media partner, you will enter the news business with the best news coverage available.  Creating partners will further enhance our state news coverage increasing the value of advertising even higher as traffic to that specific state increases with additional local news stories.

Our meetings will include publishing, content, marketing training and round-tables.

We offer a state-specific License Agreements for an upfront fee and charge a percentage of revenue generated.

For more information visit or contact Marty at (417) 529-1133 or email at [email protected]