Maryland Governor Joins WBAL to Discuss Crime Bills

Governor Hogan Joins WBAL’s ‘C4 and Bryan Nehman’ to Discuss Emergency Crime Bills

ANNAPOLIS, MD (STL.NewsGovernor Larry Hogan joined WBAL’s ‘C4 and Bryan Nehman’ to discuss emergency crime bills and the cybersecurity threat from Russia.  The governor also discussed his recent crab cakes wager with Delaware Governor John Carney over the Maryland Women’s Basketball and University of Delaware Women’s Basketball NCAA matchup.

On Violent Crime:

“We had a good meeting with the mayor and the police commissioner, with several requests they had.  All five of our police agencies are working together with the city and doing some search activity.  They’re working together on the serving and processing of violent warrants.  We’ve got increased visibility patrols.  We’re putting half a billion dollars more in the local and state police to support them. …

“It’s just beyond comprehension that 90% of the people in Baltimore support us getting tougher on these criminals and yet their far left, woke legislators are opposed to violent criminals doing any time and they’re constantly trying to make it easier on the criminals and don’t seem to care much about the victims and all the shootings that are taking place.”

On Cybersecurity:

“On the ongoing threats, you saw all the comments coming out of the FBI and the White House.  Anne Neuberger, who’s a Marylander, who used to be NSA’s top director of cyber security, and now she’s the deputy national security officer in the White House for cyber and emerging technologies.  There are real and credible threats…  They believe Russia has incredible capabilities, that they will obviously use them if they can, and that we need to be prepared and so I would say we’re on high alert.  They can hit any business.  Threats about our infrastructure and hitting electrical grids and things like that.  It could be a local government, a state government agency, any federal agency and the banking, business sector.”

On NCAA March Madness Crab Cake Wager:

“I don’t know when we’re gonna collect on that.  I’m not going to be rushing to get those Delaware crab cakes because, you know, ours are so much better.  They’re no Maryland crab cakes.  I’m sure I’ll make him pay up.  Carney is not going to get away with welshing on the bet.”