Magilla Loans Launches Step-by-Step Portal to Help Borrowers Navigate Loan Process

SACRAMENTO, Calif./ June 13, 2018 (STLRealEstate.News) — Magilla Loans, America’s search engine for loans which connects borrowers to banks without requesting personal information has created an essential step-by-step checklist for borrowers when closing a real estate loan. The portal helps borrowers understand the services they may need after securing a loan and whom can best provide those services. Angie’s List co-founder and new Magilla Board member, Dr. Rao Unnava, will spearhead the initiative, taking charge of consumer activity on the site and perfecting the implementation of the new portal.

After a commercial or residential loan has been initiated, borrowers can use the portal to connect to partner companies for solutions, such as title, home warranty, insurance, et al. A step-by-step walkthrough of each and every vendor is tailored specifically to each borrower based on his/her navigation of the Magilla loans website.

“We can improve lending in America by simplifying the process,” said Magilla CEO, Dean Sioukas. “In the critical moments after a loan is secured, many borrowers do not know what they need next or whom to turn to for help. This step-by-step aims to eliminate this confusion and gives borrowers the information they need at a time when they need it most.”

“Dr. Unnava created a simple and transparent platform for consumers and vendors through Angie’s List,” Dean added. “His experience and vast knowledge of the consumer will not just help Magilla breakthrough an age-old banking inefficiency, but also present best-in-class vendors to borrowers as they finalize the critical decision of buying a home or starting a business.”

The Magilla platform provides borrowers with access to multiple financing options, including business, home, and real estate loans. Built using patent-pending technology, Magilla’s platform connects a borrower to multiple lenders after answering a set of questions. Once a loan application is submitted, a borrower receives multiple loan proposals from numerous lenders, usually within 24 hours. If the borrower accepts a loan proposal, an introduction is made to the lender, which allows the borrower to remain anonymous and in full control throughout the process.

About Magilla Loans:
Magilla Loans is a search engine for loans which connects borrowers to banks without requesting personal information. The platform enables borrowers to search and compare loans without providing a name, social security, or phone number. The loan proposals are presented on its patented MagChart™, allowing borrowers to easily compare the loan terms and choose a lender. Magilla has already allocated billions of dollars in loans through its website since launching in January 2016. Media Contact [email protected] / [email protected]  KCSA Strategic Communications
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SOURCE: Magilla Loans