Lyda Krewson Wins St. Louis’ Mayor’s Race In Primary

Lyda Krewson Wins St. Louis’ Mayor’s Race In Primary

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 9, 2017 (STL.News) Lyda Krewson could become St. Louis’ first female mayor.

During Tuesday’s Primary Election, the alderwoman from St. Louis’ 28th Ward won the Democratic nomination, beating out six other candidates. During her victory speech, Krewson said she was humbled to win in a field of strong candidates.

Krewson also spoke about her continued goal to improve public safety in St. Louis. “St. Louis has a lot to be proud of and we also have some challenges. So neighborhood safety is job one. Far too many families know the pain of violent crime. We’ll invest in prevention programs that work and in more and better trained and a more diverse police force.”

Krewson knows the impact of the city’s high crime rate firsthand. In1995, Krewson’s husband, Jeff Krewson was killed during an attempted carjacking outside of their Central West End Home.

Krewson is currently married to attorney and former TV reporter Mike Owens.

Krewson narrowly defeated St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones. Jones received 30% of the vote in the mayoral race.

Prior to Jones’ concession speech, Senator Jamilah Nasheed expressed her disappointment and anger over Jones’ defeat. The Democratic lawmaker accused the other African-American candidates of breaking up the African-American vote, resulting in Jones’ loss.

“Hold Antonio accountable! Hold Jeffrey Boyd accountable! Hold Lewis Reed accountable! Make sure that they don’t never win another election in the city of St. Louis!” Nasheed exclaimed to a standing room only crowd at Jones’ Watch Party.

Jones expressed words of comfort to her supported when she conceded. “I’m not sad, no, cuz I’m gonna tell ya all what we’re gonna do next. I want us to stay united. I want us to stay in contact because we are the force that’s going to keep the next administration accountable.”

Jones added, “Change happens from the ground up. What we have created in St. Louis is a ground swell that says we will not accept the status quo no matter who’s in office.”

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed came in third in the race with 18% of the vote, followed by Antonio French, who received 16% of the vote.

On the Republican side, Andrew Jones won the mayoral primary with 62% of the vote. This was followed by Crown Candy Kitchen owner Andy Karandzieff, who had 24% of the vote and businessman Jim Osher, with 16% of the vote.

Krewson will face Jones in the April 4th General Election. Libertarian Robb Cunningham, Green Party candidate Jonathan McFarland, and Independent candidate, Reverend Larry Rice will also be on the ballot in the St. Louis mayor’s race.