LA Tax Attorneys with Leading Law Firm, Legal Tax Defense, Now Offering IRS & FTB Tax Support

Los Angeles, California (STL.News) –, a leading tax defense firm located in Los Angeles, California, this week announced amid the impending 2019 tax season, they are offering full tax planning and preparation services for individuals and businesses.

Open to working with people and businesses that owe any amount of taxes, back-logged taxes, or mounted debt, Legal Tax Defense wants to make it clear that they are here as a professional resource before Tax Day in April.

“It’s no secret that navigating taxes in our country can be incredibly tedious, frustrating, and time consuming, for business owners and everyday individuals,” said spokesperson, CEO of  “Despite efforts to pay taxes correctly and on time, many Americans still live with outstanding tax debt, contributing to the increase in IRS tax liens and levies in recent years.  Placing a substantial amount of stress on the tax payer, that’s where our firm steps into the picture.”

Trained with professional legal tax advisors that are equipped with the necessary resources and information to work with the IRS on behalf of any person or business, the Legal Tax Defense team comes with years of experience in taxation law and navigating IRS loopholes, creating profitable outcomes for clients.

“We specialize in tax troubles, helping all of our clients reposition themselves so they are not in trouble with the law, and most importantly, their finances,” said spokesperson.  “We work side-by-side with our clients to help them explore potential options to fix any issues involved in taxation.  Additionally, we protect our clients’ assets, as well as work as an intermediary buffer with the IRS to prevent unnecessary stress and pressure.  Spread the word today!

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About Legal Tax Defense

Legal Tax Defense is a Los Angeles-based professional tax resolution firm that offers legal solutions for State and IRS tax problems.  Legal Tax Defense has a team of licensed qualified tax experts, CPAs, and enrolled agents that help individuals and business facing any type of taxation difficulty.  Collaboratively, the Legal Tax Defense team resolves all tax problems, unpaid tax problems, and mounting debt problems to provide clients with financial clarity and peace of mind moving forward.

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