Kitchen Kulture expands to Kounter Kulture a St. Louis Restaurant

Kitchen Kulture expands to Kounter Kulture a St. Louis Restaurant

St. Louis, MO/December 23, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) – Kitchen Kulture has expanded into a brick and mortar restaurant, Kounter Kulture. It will serve Asian cuisine with a rotating menu between China, Korea, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

Located at 3825 Watson Rd St. Louis, Missouri in Lindewood Park. The brick and mortar restaurant of Kitchen Kulture, is a carry out restaurant with seating outside. This location used to be Pint Size Bakery, but they have moved on to a larger location.

Kounter Kulture sources out their vegetables and proteins from local farmers giving the foodie a seasonal menu at each visit. Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday 4:30 pm to 9:30pm. Sunday and Monday closed.

Christine Meyer and Michael Miller started Kitchen Kulture which grew to also have Kounter Kulture.

It started out as a friendship between a line cook and waitress at a fine dining restaurant. It has transitioned from producing kitchen themed T-shirts to offering prepared foods at Tower Grove Park.

Kitchen Kulture got its start in 2012 at the local Tower Grove Farmers Market in Tower Grove Park. They are their every Saturday from 8 am to 12:30 pm in the months of May thru November, offering prepared foods. These foods are sourced from what the local vendors have available.  And don’t forget to stop by their second booth “The Kart” and grab their locally sourced breakfast sandwich.

You can view both menus online on Facebook or on the website

On the menu, you will find: crispy shrimp and pork gyoza, grapefruit and papaya salad, steamed buns, shrimp and grits, gyudon and kha soi. But remember, their menu changes…so check out their website for updated and new items.

Kitchen Kulture/Kounter Kulture believe in sourcing the highest local quality product. This allows them to produce seasonal menus that reaches to a variety of taste buds.

Kounter Kulture
3825 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO


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