Kansas | Twitter Takedown; Governor withdrawals Judge Jeffry Jack Nomination

TOPEKA, KANSAS– It took only 5 days for the derailment of the nomination of Judge Jeffry Jack to the Kansas Court of Appeals by Governor Laura Kelly due to social media posts.

In what many may consider an obvious oversight in the judge’s  nomination;  by either not checking the internet for inflammatory and/or politically charged posts and tweets, or disregarding them altogether, on March 15th Governor Kelly nominated Judge Jeffry Kelly for appointment to the Kansas Court of Appeals.

The obviously politically biased posts did cause a stir among state constituents and at least two republican legislatures.  In an about face move, Governor Kelly asked, and was given by Judge Kelly his removal from consideration for the appointment.

As seems to happen to many public figures, social media has become a tool that increasingly is being used to hold people accountable for their beliefs, humor, and politics.

In today’s press release which outlines Governor Kelly’s position regarding the nomination, she is quoted as saying “It’s clear that despite a thorough review and investigation, this was missed”.