Jacob Hummel

Jacob Hummel is a Democratic U.S. State Senator representing the 4th District of St. Louis County, Missouri.  Born in 1976, Hummel was raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  Growing up in the metropolitan area, he graduated from the prestigious St. Mary’s High School in 1994.  After graduating, Hummel began a career as a unionized electrician.  Hummel’s values were rooted in teamwork and fair labor practices for workers as a third-generation union member.

Hummel first ran for the Missouri State House of Representatives in 2008 to represent the 108th District.  He defeated fellow Democrat Arthur Gansner by a 72-point margin.  While no Republican candidate chose to run in the general election, Hummel’s popularity among voters was undeniable. As a result, he secured a reelection bid in 2010 when he defeated Republican challenger Joe Rusch by over 2,400 votes.  He secured the victory by nearly a 30-point margin and continued his Missouri House of Representatives work.  Following the 2010 election, the national census and redistricting changed the 108th District to the newly founded 81st District.  Facing neither a Democratic or Republican challenger, Hummel was reelected to a third term in the Missouri State House of Representatives.

In 2012, his fellow legislators elected Hummel to the position of House Minority Leader.  As the leading member of the Democratic Caucus, Hummel advocated for workers by opposing harmful anti-labor legislation, in addition to increased infrastructure upkeep and funding and strong economic development policy.  He served as House Minority Leader until his final term in the Missouri State House of Representatives in 2016.

Currently, Jacob Hummel is a State Senator representing the 4th District of St. Louis County, Missouri.  Hummel was elected to the Missouri State Senate in 2017 after four terms in the Missouri State House of Representatives.  His list of committee memberships is nearly endless, including the Committee on Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources, the Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, the Committee on General Laws, the Committee on Health and Pensions, the Committee on Progress and Development, the Committee on Small Business and Industry, and the Senate Interim Committee on Labor Reform, to name a few.  Hummel’s active membership in each of these committees speaks to his desire to improve the lives of working families, small business owners, union workers, and their interactions with the day-to-day operations in the state of Missouri.

Hummel has sponsored important labor bills such as the Missouri Human Rights Act, Senate Bill #680, which looked to raise the minimum wage in Missouri, and Senate Bill #621, which modifies provisions related to workers’ compensation Firefighters. Along with these bills, Hummel has also advocated for students with disabilities, cancer patients, and child abuse and neglect victims.

Along with his legislative duties, Hummel is currently the Secretary-Treasurer for the Missouri American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), a 20-year member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and a founding member of the St. Louis City Labor Club.  His continuous engagement with the workers and constituents in the 4th District has helped Hummel move forward in his political career.


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