Is a Business Degree Useful?

(STL.News) Whether you are straight out of college or have spent several years in the job force, you may have thoughts about the value of college, and the benefits of a business degree specifically.  While some careers, such as nursing, clearly require a college education, others, such as sales, seem easy to access without doing so.  You may wonder specifically about the benefit of this degree.  Is it only beneficial if you plan to run your own company one day, or have a specific interest, such as marketing?  A degree in administration or management allows you to explore many options.

Some people feel that a business degree is too general to be useful, but that is not true.  If you have a specific idea of what you want to do with your career, then taking a major in that field makes sense.  If not, focusing your study on more general business practices teaches you leadership, accountability, and the ability to work with others, in addition to what you learn in your classes.  Also, in a tight job market, just getting an interview can be a challenge, and having a degree will help set you apart from those without similar credentials.

Why Earn a Business Degree?

By spending time in the college environment, you will gain a solid base of knowledge that allows you to find work at many companies.  While you won’t pick up the industry knowledge you will need once you are employed, you will learn communication, project management, how to read financial statements, and many other tasks that will be part of your everyday life once you are employed.  If you are unsure about what you want to do with your future, a business degree can give you a solid foundation.  You will learn about many different sectors where you could work, which may prompt you to find something you feel particularly drawn to, or something you find interesting.  Even if nothing stands out to you, focusing on business makes you much more employable.

Paying for School

One reason many people hesitate when considering college is because of finances.  There are a variety of ways to pay for school. Many people worry about the wisdom of taking out loans if they don’t have a strong idea of what type of career they want.  While that is understandable, undergraduate work exposes you to many options you may not have considered before attending college, and prepare you for careers in those fields.  If you have a fair to good credit, you can take out private student loans without a cosigner, allowing you to borrow the money you need.

Make the Most of Your Time at School

While earning your degree is beneficial and will help you bypass many automatic screeners when looking for a job, there are ways to enhance the experience.  Take advantage of any business clubs or organizations hosted by your school, and look for opportunities to attend career fairs and land internships.  The experience you gain and the connections you make in these activities can open many doors.