HVAC Industry Short of Quality Talent

How HVAC Industry Can Combat the Shortage of Quality Talent

ST. LOUIS, MO/June 12, 2017 (STL.News) – In recent years, the HVAC industry has experienced a shortage of qualified technicians. There could be numerous reasons for the shortage. The predominant school of thought is that the industry is losing out on potential students to other industries that seem to offer more appealing career prospects.

There are a few changes that could help reverse this trend. Firstly, the way the industry positions itself and recruits prospective students must change. Next, HVAC companies need to make sure they are taking proactive steps to bolster employee satisfaction and keep top employees happy.

Reversing this trend must start with conveying the positive aspects of HVAC trade schools and careers in the HVAC industry. The industry offers more economical training when compared to a four year degree from a traditional college and excellent benefits for its employees. Helping potential students see the upside in graduating without enormous student loans and the security that comes with a great benefits package is the first step toward increasing interest in the industry.

Whether it be a university or trade school, students go through the education process for one major reason. They are looking for the opportunity to build a strong career and make a comfortable living. HVAC employers and educators must work together to offer tremendously enticing employment prospects to students. If educators and employers could come together on an agreement regarding guaranteed employment for a certain percentage of top graduates, the field would instantly become more alluring.

Retaining good employees is the other piece to the puzzle. Employers must structure their organizations so that top employees want to join the organization and are motivated to stay with the company for the long term. Organizations that develop a strong social conscience will see an increase in employee satisfaction as well as an increase in their bottom line.

Developing programs to recognize and reward employees for positive contributions is a great way to increase the satisfaction and overall happiness of team members. Also realizing that your employees are truly part of your organization’s family and treating them as such will definitely increase retention of top talent.

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