How to Protect the Environment from Home

(STL.News) It may sound almost impossible, but you can help save the world.  Your actions and inaction’s make a difference in the well-being of not just the people around you, but the environment as well.  Because we spend a lot of time at home, we generate a lot of pollution from there.  That’s why it is the perfect place to start protecting the environment.  Read on to learn some strategies to preserve the environment right from the comfort of your own home. .

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

The first step to helping the environment from home is to cut down on your energy consumption. Save electricity by using energy-efficient bulbs. Also, make sure you turn off appliances such as TVs when you are not using them.  Your air conditioning should be used only when necessary.  For instance, by adding a deck or some outdoor furniture in your backyard, you could spend more time outdoors relaxing, reading or taking a nap. If you are in Los Angeles, a deck builder Los Angeles can help you.

If you have the means, opt for energy-conserving solutions such as solar panels.  That way, you can enjoy your electricity knowing that you are helping preserve nature.


Recycling is at the heart of preserving the environment.  Before you throw any item away, find out if it has an alternative use.  With so many DIY ideas around, many of the things that used to be trashed can now be transformed into something valuable for your home.

As much as possible, avoid using plastic materials.  Of course, that is quite difficult given the packaging on most products today, but whenever you have the chance, go for environmentally-friendly options like paper bags.  Also, research and find out how your neighborhood or state handles recycling.  That will help you know what should go into the recycle bin and how to put it there.  You can start with this article from the New York Times.

Grow a Garden

Your garden can help the environment in so many ways.  First of all, plants reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while increasing the oxygen.  They also help to preserve pollinating wildlife such as birds, bees, and butterflies.  Vegetation absorbs sound and can act as a natural sound barrier, reducing noise pollution in the process.

A garden also brings benefits to you.  You will eat healthier meals instead of relying only on processed food.  Growing and eating your own food also reduces your carbon footprint. You won’t have to drive to the grocery store to get supplies as often.


Donating items, whether used clothes or equipment, to people who need them is a great idea.  Look for places you can send your items to when you do not need them anymore, or when you buy new ones.  Additionally, find organizations who are focused on helping preserve the environment.  Supporting them in cash and in kind goes a long way to help the fight to keep the environment clean and safe.  Here are 10 organizations you can donate to right now who support the cause of protecting the environment.

Build New Habits

Protecting the environment is not a one-off venture. It is a vision that you must personalize.  The way to get that done is to build habits that help the environment – even if they go against the practices you are used to.  Find out about measures already in place in your community, and what you can do to help.  If there are good organizations you can volunteer with, take up the challenge.  You’ll be on your way to becoming an ambassador for preserving the environment.