How Pennsylvania’s Tourism Industry is Boosting Income

(STL.News) For many states, the tourism industry has been negatively affected by recent events.  However, as ever, human ingenuity has found a way around it.  Whether that’s been by
taking what would once have been face-to-face interactions online or making the most of outdoor spaces as new venues, there is one state that has been outdoing itself in diversifying its tourism industry, Pennsylvania.

The Casino Industry

One of the industries that have been the most affected by recent events in the casino industry.   Fortunately, most casino operators have been able to diversify.  Many are now offering their services as pa casinos online, catering to people from within Pennsylvania
but also in neighboring states.  Moving online has been a popular reaction to declining tourism and has been widely taken up by the people of Pennsylvania.   Further to this, online casinos can be visited by people across the world, meaning that they can achieve visitor rates that a traditional casino couldn’t even dream of.  It is highly likely that going forwards, sites such as the region-specific online casinos will remain open either to subsidize their brick and mortar counterparts or to become the main source of income.

Squeaky Clean Eateries

The Pennsylvania state government has taken the task of keeping restaurants open incredibly seriously.  They have set up rigorous standards to ensure that restaurants meet safety standards and have a database of all of the restaurants in the state who have
committed themselves to be safe for diners.  Using standardized safety measures in this way has enabled both tourists and locals to feel safe about eating out, bolstering the falling number of people eating in restaurants.  The restaurants on this list will display an Open; Certified certificate, allowing people to make an informed decision about where they choose to eat.  This initiative has also been extended to restaurants that are not yet open but are offering takeaways, ensuring that their food is prepared in a hygienic and
controlled environment.

Celebrating the Outdoors

Although winters in Pennsylvania can be harsh, this year alone, we’ve had stay-at-home snow warnings, signs of spring are arriving.  As the blossom appears and green leaves clothe the naked branches once more, many of us are thinking about getting back outside and enjoying the rugged beauty that this state has to offer.  The Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge is allowing local visitors again, but in order to preserve this popular location for those living in the United States, entry to those traveling from overseas has been restricted.  Whilst this will negatively affect tourism to the refuge itself, it is expected that this responsible attitude will be looked upon favorably by tourists and will lead to regained confidence in the United States in general.  The big plus for the refuge is that during this quieter period, their aim of conserving migratory birds has been made significantly easier.  The birds, as well as pollinators and other native species, have been able to enjoy a quieter, more natural lifestyle, encouraging breeding.