How Casinos Are Changing and What to Expect in the Future

(STL.News) Casinos have changed a lot in the last couple of decades for one simple reason: the internet.  Online casinos have seen extraordinary growth around the world, and that has meant traditional land-based casinos have had to change in order to keep up.  Here is a closer look at how casinos are currently changing and what we can expect in the near future.

Casinos Games on Smartphones Are Becoming Ever More Popular

Online casino games have rocketed in popularity since the advent of smartphones.  Today, people can play their favorite casino games like blackjack and roulette on sites like Kazoom Casino within seconds.  With fewer people playing online casino games via their PCs, it is no surprise that online casinos are focusing more on mobile users.  Mobile platforms are sure to dominate the online gambling market in the upcoming years.  According to Statista, the online gambling market is predicted to be worth more than a staggering $92.9 billion in 2023.

Interactive Gameplay Is on the Rise

Live casinos have changed the game for online gambling platforms.  By leveraging innovative gameplay features such as interacting with live dealers in real-time, the feel of a real-life land-based casino is transferred to the virtual world.  As technology continues to improve, more people will choose to play games like blackjack and roulette at live casinos.

Virtual Reality Is Here

If you think playing games at a live casino is close to a real-life experience, you will be even more impressed by the feeling of reality you get playing virtual reality casino games.  Although there are currently few games on the market, that is sure to change soon.  Developers are going all-out to create VR gaming experiences where players can interact with dealers and even grab a drink at the bar while interacting with other players.  VR casino games may be in their infancy, but no other type of game can provide such an immersive gaming experience.  Experts predict that in the future, players will be able to visit VR casinos in numerous settings.  For instance, you could play at a casino on the moon or in the Wild West.

How Land-based Casinos Are Changing

As online casinos and VR casino games continue to make progress, land-based casinos have to pull out all the stops to stay in business.  In the future, VR technology will allow traditional casinos to become replicated in a virtual world.  Players will be able to enter famous Monte Carlo or Las Vegas casinos and experience every inch of the places in as much detail as actually being there.  However, as the casino operators wait for technology and demand to improve, they have to find other ways to attract visitors through their doors.

Electronic Table Games

If you have visited a real-life casino recently, you may have noticed there are fewer slot machines.  That is because electronic table games are becoming more popular.  From small five-seat video blackjack games to huge dealer-assisted stadium game installations with roulette and baccarat, electronic table games are gaining popularity.

Skill-based Games

Skill-based games are also beginning to be noticed at land-based casinos.  The head-to-head games are for two to four players, and they pay out to players with the best skills.  Games like Gamblit Poker can be found in various Vegas casinos.  Because these games are still relatively new, they are not yet as popular as they are predicted to be in the next few years.  One reason skill-based games are gaining notoriety is thanks to everyone’s favorite round yellow character, Pac-Man.  In 2018, a new game called Pac-Man Battle was launched at several Vegas casinos, which gave players a real-money gaming experience with the Pac-Man arcade game for the first time.


Although electronic table games and skill-based games help brick-and-mortar casinos get people through the doors, the real-money earner for casinos in the future looks set to be esports.  Betting on esports is already popular at many land-based casinos, and the esports industry itself is already a multi-billion-dollar one.  In addition to esports betting, more casinos are starting to introduce esports tournaments.  Ones in Las Vegas have seen up to 20,000 people watching.