Houston Texas Shigella Lawyer Investigates Brazoria County Shigella Daycare Outbreak

BRAZORIA, TX (STL.News) Shigella lawyer Jory Lange investigates a Shigella outbreak in Brazoria County, Texas.  The Brazoria DOH announced that there have been an increased number of Shigella cases in the county over the past two months.  Most reported cases are children.  The number of cases and exact daycares have not been publicly announced.

“Food contaminated with Shigella is especially dangerous to children.  Children under the age of five are among the highest risk groups for developing serious Shigella complications, such as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious form of kidney failure.  Because children’s immune systems are still developing, children are less able than healthy adults to fight off Shigella infections.  This is especially true of young children,” says Food Poisoning Lawyer Jory Lange. Jory is providing free, no-obligation legal consultations to the sickened adults and families whose children may have been harmed.

Those who contracted Shigella infections after attending daycare may be entitled to compensation.  To learn more about making a claim for Shigella compensation, please visit the Lange Law Firm’s website, www.MakeFoodSafe.com or call (833) 330-3663.