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Make Valentine’s Day Special with Gus’ Heart Shaped Pretzels – Gus’s Pretzels

Twisting History with Gus’ Pretzels

ST. LOUIS, MO/February 11, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Gus’ Pretzels – When most people think of the Benton Park neighborhood on St. Louis’s south side, they immediately think of the world-famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery nearby.  They should also be thinking about the area’s third generation family business, Gus’ Pretzels.

Pretzels are symbolic of the German American culture which has been so prominent in St Louis since the 1900’s.  A riveter by trade, Frank Ramsperger, began baking pretzels in his basement at 1820 Arsenal Street in 1920.  He sold them in school yards as a means to support his family.  In 1952, his son-in-law Gus Sr. purchased the bakery officially naming it Gus’ Pretzel Shop.

Gus Sr. and his family have been selling the pretzels ever since using the same recipe and same method of making the pretzels, including twisting each one by hand.  They’re made in an open kitchen so that visitors can watch the entire pretzel production process through the viewing area at different times throughout the day.

In 1980, Gus Jr. purchased the business from his father and since that time Gus’ Pretzel Shop has become a favorite St. Louis destination for both locals and visitors.  Gus Jr., along with his brother, David, has worked to expand the business from the small row house to the prosperous retail facility that it is today.

Third-generation pretzel twisters, Gus Jr. and David, are now grooming the fourth-generation, Gus III, to carry on the family tradition.  He came on board in 2008 and began providing new ideas. Gus Jr., David, and Gus III work with their team of bakers six days a week to provide St. Louis with these remarkable fresh pretzels.

Over the years, their shop and its items have evolved.  They still make their standard traditional German twisted pretzel, but the pretzel stick has become the preference of many of their customers.  They also offer pretzel sandwiches, party pretzels, and specialty dips and mustard’s.  They even offer Twisted Tuesday and Wurst Wednesday specials.

The shop, also now sells custom ordered chocolate covered hard pretzel rods and twists.  These are particularly popular for birthday parties, weddings or shower favors, holiday treats, school spirit celebrations and both, thank you and get well gifts.  The letters and numbers for their birthday and anniversary pretzels come in three sizes: 5, 15 and 18 inches.  The party pretzel twists come in two sizes: 12 and 18 inches.  And, if you don’t see the shape you want, then let them know and they’ll try to create it.

This Valentine’s Day holiday is a perfect time to give some chocolate covered hard pretzel rods and heart shaped twists as a delectable gift to show your affection for that special someone.  It’s also a great time to serve them at a Valentine’s holiday party.

Gus’ Valentine Special
Order 30 or more 5 inch pretzel hearts for only $1.00 each (regularly $1.25 each)
Offer valid February 9 – 14 only
Must be ordered in advance

Gus’ Pretzels

1820 Arsenal Street #5

St. Louis, MO 63118

Phone: (314) 664-4010