The area known as Greene County is a 678 square mile county located in Missouri.  With a population of over 275,000 residents, it is the fourth largest county by population size in Missouri.  Greene County was founded in January of 1833 and is part of the 7th congressional district.  The county is named for General Nathanael Greene who fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Geography of Green County, Missouri

Greene County is spread out over hundreds of miles.  Of these 678 square miles, 675 of them are land and only 2.6 miles are made of water.  To the north of Greene County is Polk County, to the northeast is Dallas County, to the east is Webster County, to the south is Christian County, to the southwest is Lawrence County and to the northwest is Dade County.  Missouri is on Central Standard Time.

Demographics of Green County, Missouri

In 2016, Greene County had an estimated population of 288,690 residents.  In 2010, however, the population was found to be 240,391 people.  Those 240,391 people comprised 97,859 households and 61,846 families, also making the population density of Greene County 356 people per square mile.  In regards to racial makeup, it was found in 2010 that a majority of Greene County was white, making up 93.54% of the population.  Of the remaining population, African Americans made up 2.26%, Native Americans made up 0.66%, Asians made up 1.13%, Pacific Islanders made up 0.06% and Hispanic or Latinos made up 1.84%.  A remaining 0.67% was found to be of another unidentified race and 1.68% was found to be from two or more races.


Greene County is very much controlled by the Republican Party.  Of the eight legislative districts in the Missouri House of Representatives that the county is divided into, seven of them are held by a Republican with only one seat held by a Democrat.  Most recently in 2016, Jeff Messenger won the Greene County election for the Missouri House of Representatives District 130 open seat, winning with 79.11% of the vote over Democratic candidate Ella Jane Goeppinger who only received 20.89% of the total votes.

The elected countywide officials of Greene County are all Republican.  They are as follows: Rick Kessinger serves as Assessor, Tom Barr serves as Circuit Clerk, Shane Schoeller serves as County Clerk, Leah Betts serves as Collector, Rob Cirtin serves as Presiding Commissioner, Harold Bengsch serves as District 1 Commissioner, Roseann Bentley serves as District 2 Commissioner, Dan Patterson serves as Prosecuting Attorney, David Yancey serves as Public Administration, Cheryl Dawson serves as Recorder, Jim Arnott serves as Sheriff and Justin Hill serves as Treasurer.


There are many schools located in Greene County.  There are 10 private schools, all located in the city of Springfield, that include the Christian Schools of Springfield, New Covenant Academy, Springfield Catholic High School and The Summit Preparatory School of Southwest Missouri.  Aside from private schools, there are eight public school districts located in Greene County.  There are also six colleges and institutions including Missouri State University, Evangel University and Everest College.

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