Governor Greitens pushes for creating more Missouri jobs

Governor Greitens pushes for Missouri jobs

JEFFERSON CITY, MO/May 26, 2017 (STL.News) The Missouri Senate passed the “Steel Mill Bill” today hoping to bring jobs back to Missouri.  The bill will be sent to Governor Greitens for his signature.

Many Missourians lost their jobs when the Noranda plant closed in New Madrid.

A bill structured to bring companies to the area failed to pass in the final hours of the regular Senate session.  An aluminum smelter and steel mill could bring hundreds of jobs to the state.

The House of Representatives strongly supported the bill.  A few senators prevented its passage.  Late last week, Governor Greitens called a special session to secure its passage.

Governor Greitens, and Rep. Don Rone invited hundreds of Missouri supports to the capital to encourage Senators to support the bill.  Approximately 400 bill supporters went to Senators offices leaving messages about the need for more jobs in Southeast Missouri.

Governor Greitens said, “The people of Missouri sent a loud and clear message: They want to work.  They don’t want welfare.  They want to bring back American jobs.

We fought hard for this bill, and we are proud to stand with the people of Bootheel.  This is a great day for them, and for fighters like Representative Don Rone and Speaker Todd Richardson, who pushed as hard as anyone for these jobs.  When this bill died a few weeks back, some people in Southeast Missouri told us that they gave up hope that industry could return to their region.  We won this fight for them, and for all the families who need quality, high-paying jobs.  Senators saw the overwhelming support of the people, and I’m glad that they acted to bring more jobs and higher pay to Missouri.  Our work isn’t over: We’re going to keep fighting hard for jobs, because our job is to fight for your jobs.”


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