Copper Pig


The Year of the Copper Pig

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Copper Pig; it’s been about a year since Nhat Nguyen opened the Copper Pig (4611 Macklind Avenue) in the Macklind Business District in Southampton.  He said all along he wanted the restaurant to be unique. He wanted to serve the food he liked to eat.  He wanted to offer a dining experience that drew from his Asian roots, his American upbringing and his world travels.  So he opened a bar & grill—but not an ordinary bar & grill.  The Copper Pig is a gleaming, rustic gastropub set in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city.

Visually, the Copper Pig is modern and comfortable, with a fusion of rustic and industrial design.  The building’s original wooden beams and brick walls were left exposed.  Wood reclaimed from the Cupples #7 warehouse was used for the table tops and to build the bar, giving the pieces a substantial, earthy feel.  The lighting is understated, but sparkling.  The eight-foot panel windows make the space feel airy and open.  Whimsical pigs created by local artists decorate the walls and even the floor.

Nguyen delights in taking familiar dishes and twisting them, much the way the artists have twisted the traditional images of pigs, embellishing and enhancing them in adventurous and unique ways.  Nguyen doesn’t offer his customers a Philly cheesesteak: he gives them Bulgogi cheesesteak.  That’s bulgogi beef, cheddar cheese, kimchi, and slivered apples layered on a garlic baguette.  He even offers a jackfruit bulgogi version for vegetarians.  Whether it’s the maduros (cooking plantains) on the Pork Belly Cuban, duck confit poutine, or beet fries dipped in whipped goat cheese, diners will find the Copper Pig’s menu to be unique and enticing.

After a year in SoHa, Nguyen is promising something special for those who stop in during the Macklind Days street festival, noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 24.  The festival will be along Macklind Avenue from Neosho to Nottingham.  The dog-friendly event will include activities for kids, live music and of course, lots of great food.  On his Facebook page, Nguyen said, “It’s gonna be a day you don’t want to miss!”

Contact information:

Copper Pig

4611 Macklind Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63109

Phone: (314) 499-7166

Email: [email protected]