Giving Homes The Hotel Scents Experience With Luxury Aromas

MIAMI (STL.News) – Premier hotels around the world are well-versed in creating the ultimate atmosphere where guests feel relaxed, pampered, and indulged. Exclusive residences can achieve this same ambiance through the strategic use of fragrance. The human sense of smell is a powerful medium by which mood and memories can be influenced. This is something high-end hotels have focused on, not only to make their locations memorable but to ensure the very best customer satisfaction. Thanks to a variety of scenting options, it’s now possible to bring this same world of hotel-inspired aromas to the home environment.

Signature Hotel Scents For The Home

The most glamorous hotels around the globe, such as 1 Hotel, W, Marriot, and Westin have crafted signature scents that embody their character and pamper their guests. The same delightful scents that these luxury hotels are using can now grace the rooms of private homes, thanks to a wonderful collection of bespoke-designed candles, reeds, and diffusers from leading scent designer, Hotel Scents by Aroma360.

Hotel Scents fragrances allow you to easily duplicate the smell and ambiance of hotel luxury. Some of their top scents include 24K Magic, inspired by the sweet aromas enjoyed by those who frequently visit the W Hotels around the world, Dream On, inspired by the cleansing white tea and aloe vera tones encapsulated within the walls of the Westin brand, and balmy November Rain’s redcurrant and cedarwood bouquet imagined from the delights breathed whenever a guest enters a Marriot residence.

From City Chic To Countryside Grandeur

Owners of homes of all sizes and locations now have multiple options to recreate the delicate fragrances of their favorite hotels. Tasteful home scenting has entered a new realm of convenience, ranging from classic reed diffusers to sumptuous candles, right through to HVAC scenting systems that pervade even the largest of areas with a gentle, uniform aroma. The key to such sophisticated fragrancing lies in both the quality of the medium used (the essential and aromatic oils) and the caliber of the candle, reeds, or diffuser system.

Hotel Scents offers a standard of excellence second to none, provided thanks to their extensive experience in creating hotel signature scents, as well as offering the most technologically advanced delivery methods. It’s this attention to detail that makes their home scenting options the choice of those who demand the utmost in aromatic residential solutions.

Scenting Designed For The 21st Century Home

Exquisite homes require a combination of methods in which to permeate rooms or larger areas. A method suitable for a studio apartment will differ from what’s needed to imbue a fragrance throughout a large residence. The simplest of options available is that of a reed diffuser. Hotel Scents provides this as an option for dispersing their signature scents, it permeates the air with the finest of therapeutic-grade oils to ensure the most refined of aromas.

Gorgeous candles are also an option, and those from Hotel Scents are designed for longevity and flawless scent delivery, not to mention being aesthetically appealing thanks to their elegant and contemporary design. For larger areas, the greatest method of aromatic delivery is via cold-air scent diffusers. These diffusers use cutting edge technology to deliver a variety of fragrance concentrations that can be easily managed through simple to use controls. In addition, such a scenting solution is whisper-quiet and designed to blend seamlessly with any décor.

Discover more about the diverse range of luxury home scenting possibilities at and introduce the delights of hotel elegance and ambiance to the everyday home atmosphere.