FIFA Proposes Annual Club World Cup

As you read this, there is a challenge at the FIFA headquarters: a proposal to have a Club World Cup is being rejected by European football teams.  They claim that such a tournament will undermine the Champions League supremacy.  According to Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, this has come as a surprise since the annual World Cup is meant to bring all the nations together.

Another press report proposed that the committee should revise the plan from playing at least 24 teams.  They have to come up with a new format that is more compelling to all the stakeholders so that they will agree to be involved.

FIFA’s Plans

Surprisingly, all the plans put forward by FIFA seem to be thwarted by the EUFA organization.  Infantino has been seeking the approval for FIFA competition with little success.  His organization wanted to have a mini-competition after two years dubbed as the Global Nations League but also wanted to do away with some others.  Those that were to be knocked off are the current Confederations Cup for international teams and the annual seven-team World Cup.

The plan, according to the planners, is said to use about USD $3 billion each tournament.  This is the total expenditure for the tournament which comes in June and July at an interval of four years.  This bill is also said to be steep by critics whose primary goal is to pull it down.

However, the proposal is said to have benefits in monetary terms in that it is supposed to raise over USD $25 billion.  Japan’s Softbank is one of the consortiums that have vowed to offer all of the support that is needed.

Who is Covered in the Proposal?

Currently, the proposal only covers men’s matches and leaves out the female teams.  This is another challenge that has hit the FIFA council and is the basis of rejection by some critics.  Although men’s teams are the most popular, women’s teams should also have been involved.  However, according to a reliable steroid seller whose main products are liv52 Himalaya and many others, men are the most popular buyers of such products, which shows that they are the majority in football.  Women’s teams are few, and it would be hard to involve them in such preliminary plans.

Another plan by FIFA is to have about half of the slots go to the European teams while the other half is shared among the rest of the world.  This is another strategy to entice these European teams who are the primary critics of the proposal.  They still think this will make the other European competitions weaker.


After consulting the global leaders on this matter, the current recommendations are that the four-year cycle should be maintained, but more teams should be added.  Another controversial recommendation by some teams and the European Club Association is to do away with this plan to avoid more workload on players.  According to them, the players already have a lot that needs to be reduced.  So adding anything on top of what they currently have is not an option.  We can only watch and see what this proposal will look like.

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